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AP Fall Final Review Sheet

*This list is comprised of terms and ideas that may end up on the final.  It is not an exhaustive list, but covers the majority of the information which will appear on the 75 question test.  It is recommended that you also review past class notes and chapter outlines to ensure you are prepared.  Any questions, ask Mrs. Herrick.

-Native Americans perspective of property

-women in Native American societies

-Columbian Exchange

-Indentured servants

-The Virginia Company

-House of Burgesses


-settlement of Pennsylvania

-Bacon’s Rebellion

-Olaudah Equiano

-task system

-Salutary neglect

-the first and second Great Awakenings

-Proclamation of 173

-Seven Years’ War/French and Indian War

-Virtual representation

-“Daughters of Liberty”

-Crispus Attucks

-Olive Branch Petition

-British advantages during the Revolutionary War

-Battle of Saratoga

-Treaty of Paris


-Articles of Confederation

-Northwest Ordinance of 1787

-Shays’s Rebellion

The Federalist papers

-Alexander Hamilton’s financial/economic plan

-“strict constructionists”

Marbury v. Madison
-the Market Revolution

-transcendentalist movement

-cult of domesticity

-Era of Good Feelings

-Missouri Compromise of 1820

-the Bank War

-paternalist ethos

-Denmark Vesey -the evolution of the abolitionist movement

-“fifty-four forty or fight”

-Bargain of 1877




Extra Credit Opportunity!

The Civil War Revisited
Who: All Mrs. Herrick’s U.S./AP U.S. History students
What: The Civil War Revisited
Where: Kearney Park
When: October 22 & 23, 2016 (Sat. & Sun.)
Why: To get extra credit—
AP=50 pts.
US=35 pts.
Requirements: You have to have
1) a picture of you at the event
with a Civil War leader/solider (must be printed out)
2) proof of attendance (newspaper,etc.)
3) a 1-page summary of the event
Due: No later than Friday, October 28th, 2016
***There is a student discount available so be sure to have your student ID with you!***

More information is available here: