Alternative AP Extra Credit

If you were unable to attend the Civil War Revisited, below is the alternative assignment you may complete to earn first semester extra credit.

Alternative Extra Credit assignment

Read, annotate, and summarize the article entitled The Master of the Game by Doris Kearns Goodwin.  Afterward, write a 2-page persuasive essay indicating reasons why you would or would not vote for Lincoln in 1860.  Include specific information presented in the article to support your position. (may be typed or written in blue or black ink only)  The article may be found under AP US Documents or in class if necessary.  Print the article out and write your annotations directly on the reading.

**Due no later than December 20, 2018**


Extra Credit Opportunities

As discussed in class here is information about the two extra credit opportunities available in the month of October–

**Central Valley Honor Flight–return is expected to be around 5:45 pm on Wednesday evening at the Fresno International Airport.  Below you find a news clip on the flight and a little more information about the event.

**Civil War Revisited–October 20th & 21st–visit website for more information.  Pictures and info due no later than Friday, October 26th